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General Triathlon Questions

What are the various triathlon distances for Dallas Athletes Racing?
Sprint Distance
275-300 yards for pool swims
800 yard open water swims
12.5-19 mile bike
3.1 mile run

Olympic Distance (or International Distance)
1 mile swim
23-24.1 bike
6.2 mile run

X-50 Distance
1 mile swim
40 mile bike
9 mile run

What is the weight requirement for the Clydesdale Division?
All individuals registered will weigh-in at packet pick-up. Men must weigh at least 220 lbs, women must weigh at least 165 lbs. For additional information about Clydesdale and Athena division, please visit the USAT website at and enter Clydesdale or Athena in the search box.

I am registered for the Clydesdale Division. If I fail to make the weight will I be disqualified?
No, you will simply be transferred to your age group for the distance you registered.

If someone hands me my glasses at the end of the swim, does that violate the “No Help” rule?
No, but they will not be allowed in the swim exit chute and will have to stand behind the fence lining the start or the run to transition.

What is body marking and when does it happen?
Volunteers will be available outside of the transition entrance to body mark you. You will need both arms and your calves available. There is no need to arrive at the event nude. You will be wearing your race gear and a smile!

If I didn’t make it into the race, can I still participate by using the course?
No, anyone who is not officially entered in the event will be removed from the course. If you participate in the race without being registered and you cause an accident, you may be liable and subject to prosecution.

I look really good right now. Plus I purchased a new outfit for the event. Where can I find my photos?
Race photos available the week after race day at

How do I display race numbers?
Make sure that you properly wear your race numbers (for all races) and timing chip (for all races).

Triathlon Races: You will receive three race number documents at packet pick-up.
The small rectangular sticker should be applied to the front of your helmet.
The larger rectangular sticker with your race number printed twice is the bicycle number. This sticker is placed bicycle’s top tube, just behind the handlebars or under your seat along the seat stem.
The non sticker bib number must be worn on the front of your body during the entire run portion of the event.
Also you will be body marked on race morning at the transition entrance and timing chips will be located close to transition for pick up. NEVER pick up your own timing chip. Please make sure a volunteer hands you the chip. Once received, be sure to check the chip as the number should match your race number.

What do I need to bring to packet pick-up?
If you’re driving, let’s start with your car keys! Next, we need your drivers license.

Half Marathon Questions

Are you having relays?
Relay options are available on certain Dallas Athletes Racing Events. This option will be listed on the event webpage.

When does registration close?
On-line registration closes the week of the race. You may register at all packet pick-up locations provided the race is not sold out. Cash or credit card is accepted when signing up at any packet pick up location. There is no race morning registration for triathlon races however we do offer race morning registration at running events if space is available.

Can I run with my dog or ferret?
No. You may run with a parrot on your shoulder.

How deep are awards?
Most races are three deep per age group. Please refer to the race guide posted on the race webpage or the race Facebook event page.

I look really good right now. Plus I purchased a new outfit for the run. Where can I find my photos?
Race photos at

Swimming Questions

What is the water temperature?
For the Texasman in May, water temps. typically range from 71-74 degrees which makes the event wet-suit legal.
For Disco Triathlon in September the water temperature is too warm for wet-suits.
No wet-suits are allowed when the water temperature exceeds 83 degrees. All pool swims have warm water.

Do I need a wet-suit?
No, wet-suits are never required. Swimsuits are required. No nudity at any of our events. But you can cuss to yourself!

Is there an Aid Station at the Swim Start?
Yes. Water is available to registered athletes at the swim start.

Will there be a swim warm-up?
Yes. All athletes must exit the water prior to the race start.

Is there a Gear Check at the Swim?
No gear check. We can pour water on your eyes and lips to see if your make-up runs.

Do I need to wear a swim cap?
Only if one is provided. We use caps for our open water swim triathlon events of Texasman and Disco.

Can I use any stroke in the swim portion?
Any stroke that allows you to move forward in the water is permitted.

How deep is the water for the swim?
For Texasman and Disco we have a beach start; pool starts vary from 10 ft – 4 ft. No event requires an athlete to tread water at the start.

If I hang onto the lane lines or buoys, will I be disqualified for doing so?
You may stop and rest during the swim by hanging on to the buoys however you may not use the buoy to move you forward and must not interfere with the progress of other swimmers. You may hang onto the guard boats or buoys during an open water swim however you cannot use the boat or buoy to move you forward.

For a pool swim, if I am #456 and a clearly see I am faster than the swimmers in front of me, can I move up in the line with swimmers of my caliber?
You may move back in the swim line however you may not move ahead of other swimmers with lower race numbers than you in a pool swim. This does not apply to an open water swim.

Biking Questions

Are there any aid stations on the Bike Course?
Only at the X-50 so please come to the race with a full water bottles. There will be water available for filling up your water bottle in the Transition area.

Will there be Bike Techs available for assistance on race day?
Yes, near the entrance to Transition Area.

If I break down on the Bike Course will there be any assistance offered?
Yes. There will be a sag vehicle that will be circling the course throughout the race that will pick you up and return you to the transition area. If you break down, please move to the side of the road off the course and inform a course marshal, policeman or volunteer. They will assist you in locating the sag vehicle.

Can I use a Mountain Bike in the non-mountain bike Sprint division or in the international division?
Yes, you may use a mountain bike in the International division or in the Sprint non-mountain bike division, but not in the X-50 distance.

Can I use a tandem or recumbent bike in the race?

Do I have to get my bike inspected?
No, but it is highly recommended. Many people experience technical problems on race day that could have been easily avoided if the bike had been inspected prior to the race. In order to avoid disappointment on race day we urge all competitors to have their bikes inspected no more than 3 weeks prior to the event.

I am a trick rider. Can I do stunts for the other athletes and the photographer while competing in the event?
That’s hot but the answer is no.

Are roads open or closed for the bike course?
The roads are open to traffic.
Ride on the right hand side of the road on the shoulder unless instructed otherwise by a police officer or a race official.
Please discourage your friends and family members from driving on the race course while the race is in progress.
Do not cycle in the car lanes.

Equipment Questions

Are there specifications for the bike helmets and wet-suits?
Yes, the bike helmet must be CPSC certified. Most helmets purchased in the US within the last 2-3 years are certified. Please confirm this by checking for a sticker indicating it’s certification on the inside of the helmet.
The wet-suit must not be over 5mm at its thickest point. Anyone using a wet-suit should have used their wet-suit in their training. If the water temperature is 83 degrees or less, wet-suits are allowed. If you are racing for an age group award, the cut-off is 78 degrees.

What additional equipment will be permitted in the swim?
Aqua socks, socks, snorkels and swim mask or goggles will be allowed in the swim leg of the event. Use of fins, gloves and flotation devices is prohibited. No one may smoke dry cigarettes while swimming! They tend to shock swimmers within a 10-yard radius.

Can I rent a bike or a wet-suit?
We do not provide bike or wet-suit rental.

How does chip timing work?
A computer chip encoded with the athlete’s name, race number and wave start is attached to a strap that the athlete must wear SECURELY around their ankle. Scanners are located throughout the course. The scanner reads the chip and records the time as each athlete passes over the mat. For this reason, athletes must be careful to step directly on the mats.
In addition, an athlete who starts in any wave after the first swim wave begins, must take care not to step on a mat in or around the transition area accidentally as he/she waits for their wave to begin. The chips are live race morning and will record every instance an athlete steps on a mat. If such a time is recorded that is earlier than an athlete’s scheduled wave start, the computer will automatically disqualify the athlete. Furthermore, if an athlete starts in a wave earlier than their scheduled wave – either accidentally or intentionally — the chip will automatically disqualify them.

Can I wear the chip wherever I want as long as I have it with me?
No. The strap with the timing chip must be worn on the ankle.

If I lose my chip, will I be timed for the race and where can I get another chip?
No. If you lose your chip before the race starts, see race personnel at the finish line (during race) or transition (before race) to rent a replacement chip. Each timing chip is very valuable. Replacement cost in cases of failing to return or loss is the athlete’s responsibility. The replacement cost is $35.

Transition Questions

When will I be able to access the transition area?
Access times vary for each race. Specific event information will be given to you at packet pick-up.

Why do I have to be in the transition area so early if my wave doesn’t start until later in the morning?
The transition area closes at the specified times regardless of your wave. All equipment must be in by the appropriate time. In order to ensure the security and safety of our competitors and their equipment, there will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Can I use decorations (balloons, etc.) to indicate where my things are in the transition area?
Yes, but they should not interfere with anyone else being able to easily and safely access their equipment. We reserve the right to remove any materials that will interfere with the safety and security of our competitors and their equipment.

What time will the transition area re-open?
The exact time is to be determined by the Race Director and is dependent on when the last competitor completes the bike course and has set out on the run.

Can family and friends join me in transition?
Registered Athletes and race staff/volunteers are permitted in transition. Spectators, family members, pets are not allowed into the transition areas. If you would like to hand your gear to a friend over the transition area fence before you begin the bike portion of the event you are welcome to do so.

Registration Questions

When and where do I pick up my packet?
TRIATHLON: Packet Pickup times and locations are different for every race. Please review your race guide, race web page, Facebook race event page for packet pick up information.
There is NEVER a Packet Pickup on race day, so please plan accordingly.

RUNNING: Packet Pickup times and locations are different for every race. Please review your race guide, race web page, Facebook race event page for packet pick up information.
For most running events race morning registration is offered if space is available.

What do I need to bring to Packet Pickup?
TRIATHLON: A valid photo ID. For triathlon races, you MAY NOT pick up other athletes packets or relay athletes. ALL REGISTERED ATHLETES must pick up their own packet.

RUNNING: No photo ID or membership is required. If you have a photo of Marcia Brady, you will be kissed. If you have a Ryan Seacrest key chain you will be asked to leave. For running events, you can pick up other participants race packets.

I’m not a USAT member. Where can I get a USAT single-event permit?
TRIATHLON: USAT permits are mandatory for anyone participating in any Dallas Athletes Racing event. If you are not already a USAT member you will have the option of purchasing a single-event permit ($15) or you can sign up for a yearly membership ($50) during online registration. If you would like to purchase a one-year membership for USAT separately, please visit for complete information.

RUNNING: What the #$% is USAT? It does not apply to runners.

If I am a USAT member, do I have to bring my USAT membership card to race packet pick up?
TRIATHLON: No. When you register for a Dallas Athletes Racing Triathlon, your USAT license is verified electronically during registration. If you do not have an annual USAT license, you will be able to purchase a one day license during the online registration process or during in person registration. Please note – there is no race morning registration for triathlon events.

RUNNING: Again, USAT does not apply to runners. BUT, IRS often applies to runners who mess with their taxes!

If I am unable to make the race can I get a refund?
For all Dallas Athletes Racing events: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.
If you are unable to compete due to illness and/or injury then you may qualify for a medical transfer to another Dallas Athletes Racing event that is the same distance within the same calendar year. In order to qualify you must email the request to

If I am unable to make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?
For all TRIATHLON and RUNNING events: The answer is NO. If someone else races under your name and is injured, or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by any protection typically afforded to an athlete through the USA Triathlon sanction or running event insurance. Also, if the athlete racing in your name causes injury or damage, you may be liable in part for those damages.

Virtual Run Questions

What is a virtual run?
A virtual run is a “run” that can be run anywhere you are and anytime you want. There are lots of reasons why you may not be able to attend a run, but doing a virtual run allows you to still participate and donate to a great charity! Just register then RUN and send us your results! Results can be uploaded at

What is the distance for virtual runs?
They can be ANY distance! We have a wide variety of runs so just pick the distance that sounds the best to you!

What if I cant do the whole thing at once?
Are you concerned that you don’t think you can finish the whole run at once? The great thing about the virtual run is that you can split the miles over as many days as you want. We just want to see you running, having fun with it and BEING SAFE!​

How do prove my time/distance?
Easy! There are a ton of watches and free apps out there to track it for you. Even better is if you run on the treadmill you can just snap a pic of the readout.If you don’t have access to one of those, just give us your best estimate! Send us your results here and we will keep them for you! Our goal is for you to finish and have fun!

Where do I upload my results?
Right here!

Do I have to upload my results to get my swag?
Technically – no. You will receive your medal and shirt regardless, but what fun is that? We encourage you to upload your results and a photo so we can celebrate your finish with you!

When will I receive my race bib and medal?
Finisher medals will usually be shipped to participants the week after the foot race takes place. Occasionally, due to unexpected demand for a specific race or manufacturing delays beyond our control, there may be delays with late registrants receiving their medals. We will communicate on each race’s registration page as soon as we are aware of the delay. You will receive your medal within a few weeks of the end of the race period.